Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still Out There

Technically, still inside I guess. I have not run in over 2 months. Shortly after my last post, the back got way worse. To the point where anything was a struggle. Sitting hurt, standing hurt, sleeping was interupted. I really wasn't able to do anything and was in a lot of pain. I started back at physio. First going three times a week (including some at home weekend visits - thank you!), then twice a week, then once a week, and now I'm at once every 10 - 14 days or so. But still not running.

In the past month I have been able to incorporate the trainer, at a moderate effort, some swimming (really recently), and some hiking. The first few attempts weren't great, but its getting better.

I am hoping that I will be able to try a run/walk this week. I was expecting to try last week, but then after some travel to San Francisco for work and having to walk down 30 flights of stairs for a fire drill at work, I had a bit of a setback. It seems to be moving in the right direction again though.

Now that I feel like I am at a point where I can "train" I am actually allowing myself to have thoughts about next season. We'll see how I feel after my first "running" attempt. I don't know if my back will ever feel perfect again, but I would like it to be manageable.

The winter sport season is almost here in Vancouver and I'd really like to be skiing before too long so for that and for the prospect of running again I will continue to diligently do my rehab/strengthening exercises every day!