Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another year over and a new one just about to begin

2009 has been a good year. Generally I have a single workout log for the year, but between computer troubles ealier this year and then switching to training peaks (which I am not a fan of), it took a long time last night to compile the yearly statistics, some of which I had to glean from my blog and another journal I keep. Overall my hours per week were just over 7.8, up 3 hours per week over 2008. I was up in every area, with more running then anything else.

This year I did my first triathlon, my first trail race, ran Ragnar Relay with a group of women I had never met, went backcountry skiing for the first time, and most of all, was more consistent then I have ever been and the most injury free. But of course there is still lots of room for improvement and I will need to stay injury free and be even more consistent to get there.

I have my last workouts of 2009 done, and now to get ready to ring in the new year with a great dinner out followed by a party with great friends.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 bring all that you hope for and more.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bluebird Day

My second day in the backcountry couldn't have been much different than the first. There hadn't ben much snow lately and the weather had been sun and more sun. There was also an inversion on Whistler, where the village was about 10 degrees colder than the alpine. That actually meant parts of the alpine had been up to 7 degrees Celcius the day before we were up.

We headed up early Sunday morning, hoping to avoid the lines of the last day. Both the coffee shop and the ticket office were quick, and we were in the gondola early. We were meeting a friend who was a bit behind which meant we were able to get in one run on Symphony before heading over to the meeting point.

We headed out behind Whistler to Flute and Oboe ridge. Lots of uphill slogging. It was warm and even with my jacket off, I was sweating, but I tried to keep my mind off it by enjoying the view. The uphill work is just pure cardio. I think my technique was a bit better today and I didn't end up with the same back of knee pains as I had on the first day. The snow conditions also helped. There wasn't much trail for Graeme to break as there was a skin track almost the entire way.

I learned that I can actually ski in powder. As long as the powder is actually light and fluffy. And its fun! Nice floaty turns. After reaching our peak, the boys dug a pit to look at the snow conditions, while I sat and watched. The snow pack was pretty good, so we were able to ski down the face they wanted.

We decided after that to head out. We thought we would have enough time to do another run, but that it would be cutting it close. Well, it was a good thing we had made the decision we did. We took the Singing Pass Trail out, which Graeme has taken a number of times before, but the trail was in very poor condition. Between blow down all over the trail, to pure icy sections, tree branches across the trail where you had to duck and push the branches out of the way and a lot of creek crossings where it was necessary to take your skis off and jump, it was a slow slow way out. I was very very glad to get back out to the Village just after the sun had set. I was afraid I was going to have to pull out my headlamp and doing that trail in the dark would have been way harder than it already was. Of course after a beer, the bad parts were mostly forgotten and all we were thinking about were the fun powdery turns.

With Black Tusk in the back

Water break and getting stuff together to ski

Uphill slogging

The way out

More uphill slogging


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas comes this time each year

So far it has been a great Christmas season. I love this time of year. The lights, food, drink and of course the people. This year was a bit busier then I'd like leading up and I was not as organized as I usually am, but everything worked out anyway.

Fancy Christmas Eve dinner made by my husband (I am spoiled)

Our tree (I say its fat, but Graeme says it's just big boned)

Christmas Day view from my mom's

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Palm Springs

A long weekend with a girlfriend. Not the most exciting trip but good to catch up. The weather also wasn't the greatest, but we did get a little sun on the Sunday.

Some pictures from the compound her parents live in (I could never live somewhere like this but it does make for some pretty pics). Hmm even though these are all the right way on my computer they don't want to show up that way here.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Worst run of the week vs. the Best run of the week

Thursday morning didn't start out any differently then most. Up to run before work on a cold (below freezing!) morning. I dressed warmly and was off into. Everything felt good on the cold, dark, crisp morning. I was running along, thinking about how nice it was when I saw something coming at me. All of a sudden an owl was grabbing onto my hat and pulling at my hair. Arms waving and screaming and he (she?) let go only to come back at my face. More waving and screaming and it flew away. At that point I was pretty shocked, but still ok. I started to run toward home when I could see the owl return. I had to run yelling and waving my arms until I got to a more well lit area and could no longer see the owl. I wish I had been wearing my HR monitor because my heart was GOING. No blood drawn, likely thanks to my hat, but I did have a couple of sore spots on the top of my head.

I now have a phobia of running on my own street in the dark. Not so good in the winter.

Sunday's run did make up for it though. Another cold day, but this time I drove down to the West Van seawall to enjoy the sunshine. When I wasn't in the wind I actually felt overdressed. Nothing about the run felt easy. Stride was off, lunch wasn't sitting well, but it was my favourite run in a long time. Vancouver was just so beautiful. One of those days where you are breathing deeply to really try and suck all the goodness in.

And the end of the beach were a bunch of Christmas trees all decorated by local companies, with proceeds of the viewings going to charity. I thought this tree was the best (and most apprpriate for the blog).