Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympics in the City!

Well, it was a crazy, busy few weeks in the city of Vancouver! I don't think any of us really knew what to expect or knew that it would turn out the way it did. People in the streets at all times of the day and night, whopping it up.

On top of that there were the houses of various countries and free events galore. There was way more to do then one could get done in a couple weeks.

I was very fortunate to attend a number of events. From watching the Women's Super G from the side of the hill at Whistler, the Men's Super Combined from the viewing area, Men's Aerial Finals at Cypress (those guys are crazy!) and the best sporting event I have ever attended - The Canada vs. Russia men's hockey game. I don't really think words can sum any of it up. You really had to be here.

Speedy Peterson and the Hurricane!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Argon

So it turns out that while Argon are good at making bikes, they are not as good as forecasting. Apparently even though it is February, they are already sold out of XS bikes. While they tried their best to find me one, it is not happening. So now I am looking at a couple other options. It's a bit hard when you have settled on something and you can't have it, but anything I end up with is still going to be better than what I have.

We have been having issues with one of our trainers (the Blackburn) and with training ramping up for both Graeme and I, we really needed to have two. So we went with another Cycleops as we have had a good experience and really good customer service. We upgraded from our current one though and it is a really nice ride.

I also picked up new shoes. Mine had been done for a while and I had been running in some old ones as it takes a while to order in my AA shoes. Well, really I have not been running that much due to my foot and being sick for so much of January. And I can tell you the past week's worth of running has been incredibly painful fitness wise. I really hope my run fitness makes a reappearance. And soon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big White Weekend

I left work Thursday at lunch, after a frenzy to try and get some work done to be able to leave. 6 of us headed up in my girlfriends Silverado with the truck FULL of gear. I think we had 4 pairs of skis and 4 snowboards between us, and one of the girls was renting when we got there. Another 2 friends followed later on in another car.

The drive was fine and after stops at Costco and the liqour store, we pulled into our townhouse by 7pm. The townhouse was great. Everything we needed. 4 bedrooms, a dining table for 8, 2 TVs, including a flat screen, and a hot tub.

Conditions for skiing ended up being great. Friday it snowed all day, and Saturday and Sunday were perfect bluebird days. I was really happy both with how I skied and how much I skied - second only to Graeme in time on the mountain.

Lots of fun, friend time and action! It really felt like a vacation.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fit Session and..

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Speedtheory for a fit session on my tri bike. My tri bike is an old Quintana Roo that I have had for a few years, but which I have barely ridden since the purchase of my road bike, and which I really didn't ride that much before buying my road bike.

It was the first bike I bought when I decided to start riding, and was bought before either Graeme or I really knew anything about bikes. I probably shoould have been more aware when I bought it, or at least taken notice of the fact that the owner at the particular bike store did not seem to think that riding a bike was appropriate for a girl.

Anyway, the bike is on the large side for me, and Doug was very nice to spend well over an hour with me, trying everything he could to see what was the best fit I could achieve on the bike. It didn't end up being that bad, but then Doug tried me on a smaller (51cm I believe) P1 that was in stock, and it was pretty easy to see that I fit much better on something like that.

So then the decision became, do I spend money on the parts to make my QR fit better, but not great, or do I look at a new bike.

Well, this (not the exact build, and not those wheels) will be mine as soon as its in!

I have to thank Speedtheory again because this would not be possible without them. They have been so great to Graeme and I, and if you are in town or looking for anything tri related, this is the place to go. And of course Argon18 too. My road bike is also a red Argon18 so apparently I have a thing for them. There is a little more to this story, which will be posted soon.

I really have to get riding (and swimming and running) to be worthy of this!