Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Argon

So it turns out that while Argon are good at making bikes, they are not as good as forecasting. Apparently even though it is February, they are already sold out of XS bikes. While they tried their best to find me one, it is not happening. So now I am looking at a couple other options. It's a bit hard when you have settled on something and you can't have it, but anything I end up with is still going to be better than what I have.

We have been having issues with one of our trainers (the Blackburn) and with training ramping up for both Graeme and I, we really needed to have two. So we went with another Cycleops as we have had a good experience and really good customer service. We upgraded from our current one though and it is a really nice ride.

I also picked up new shoes. Mine had been done for a while and I had been running in some old ones as it takes a while to order in my AA shoes. Well, really I have not been running that much due to my foot and being sick for so much of January. And I can tell you the past week's worth of running has been incredibly painful fitness wise. I really hope my run fitness makes a reappearance. And soon.

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Julie said...

Too bad about the Argon --:( When stuff like that happens, I *almost* revert back to a two year old -- wanting to stamp my foot and pout. LOL!!

You made a good decision for your trainer too -- not that I have ANY experience with that brand, but the fact that you have had good experiences plus good customer service is key, IMO.