Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big White Weekend

I left work Thursday at lunch, after a frenzy to try and get some work done to be able to leave. 6 of us headed up in my girlfriends Silverado with the truck FULL of gear. I think we had 4 pairs of skis and 4 snowboards between us, and one of the girls was renting when we got there. Another 2 friends followed later on in another car.

The drive was fine and after stops at Costco and the liqour store, we pulled into our townhouse by 7pm. The townhouse was great. Everything we needed. 4 bedrooms, a dining table for 8, 2 TVs, including a flat screen, and a hot tub.

Conditions for skiing ended up being great. Friday it snowed all day, and Saturday and Sunday were perfect bluebird days. I was really happy both with how I skied and how much I skied - second only to Graeme in time on the mountain.

Lots of fun, friend time and action! It really felt like a vacation.


Runner Leana said...

Looks beautiful out there!!!

Julie said...

I can just imagine how exciting things are at ground zero -- with the whole vibe of the Olympics!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!

My Dad is there right now -- he has a job driving a bus, in 12 hours shifts. He's loving the vibe too! :) :)

You are a total stud skier!!!! YAY!!!!!! :) :)