Sunday, December 6, 2009

Worst run of the week vs. the Best run of the week

Thursday morning didn't start out any differently then most. Up to run before work on a cold (below freezing!) morning. I dressed warmly and was off into. Everything felt good on the cold, dark, crisp morning. I was running along, thinking about how nice it was when I saw something coming at me. All of a sudden an owl was grabbing onto my hat and pulling at my hair. Arms waving and screaming and he (she?) let go only to come back at my face. More waving and screaming and it flew away. At that point I was pretty shocked, but still ok. I started to run toward home when I could see the owl return. I had to run yelling and waving my arms until I got to a more well lit area and could no longer see the owl. I wish I had been wearing my HR monitor because my heart was GOING. No blood drawn, likely thanks to my hat, but I did have a couple of sore spots on the top of my head.

I now have a phobia of running on my own street in the dark. Not so good in the winter.

Sunday's run did make up for it though. Another cold day, but this time I drove down to the West Van seawall to enjoy the sunshine. When I wasn't in the wind I actually felt overdressed. Nothing about the run felt easy. Stride was off, lunch wasn't sitting well, but it was my favourite run in a long time. Vancouver was just so beautiful. One of those days where you are breathing deeply to really try and suck all the goodness in.

And the end of the beach were a bunch of Christmas trees all decorated by local companies, with proceeds of the viewings going to charity. I thought this tree was the best (and most apprpriate for the blog).


Julie said...

Attacked by an owl!!! HOLY COW!!! OMG -- what are the odds of that happening? Are you OK? How is your head? Oh my God, I'd be terrified of running there again as well. What a story -- FRIG!!

Beth said...

I have been trying to tell myself that the odds of it happening once are low, so therefore the odds of it happening twice are even lower, but I'm not quite ready to run there yet anyhow. My head is ok. It was only sore the day it happened.

Runner Leana said...

Attacked by an owl on your run? That is crazy!!! What are the chances of that happening? I would have been FREAKING out. So glad that you are okay!!!