Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Mountain Adventures (Race Report)

Today was the Mountain Madness Phantom Run. There is a choice of 12k, 19k, or 24k, and I went with the 12k and was glad I did. It was by far the longest 12k I have ever run. I'm not sure how they measure it. Perhaps from a map which doesn't take into account all the hills? And there were hills. Nothing straight up or really long, just lots of up and down and back and forth.

The race took place in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. It was a cold morning and there were actually some snowflakes and sleet while we were standing around before the start. There were about 95 or so people doing the 12K race.

The start is a relatively easy, flat-ish trail, but throughout the race there are steep switchbacks, up and down stairs, up and down everywhere, bridges, and wooden platforms, all of which were very slippery with the combination of being wet, cold and leafy.

I probably should have looked at last years results before I raced, as I had figured I would be out there for about 70 mins. Not so much. 1:33 later I was at the finish line. Good for 7th women (in the 12k). I don't know that pacing would have made any difference had I known it was going to be longer, but the last 30 mins really hurt! I definitely have some room to improve in my fitness and in my downhill running abilities. Something to work on isn't bad though!

This 12k was way way harder than the 10k trail race I did a few weeks ago. It just shows how much of an impact the terrain has.

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Julie said...

Great work on a tough course! You are so right, hills can really cook your legs!