Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where does time go?

All of a sudden I haven't written in almost 2 weeks. Again. It's more that too much is going on and there just hasn't been time. Work is busy, training is going mostly well, and then I am involved in a couple other things, both work and personal related. I am actually feeling a bit overextended at the moment, but it is all my own doing. I need to learn how to say no better. Still life is good. I'm going to post all my workouts for my own records (I mean not that people really read this anyway aside from 2 or 3 faithfuls) so the actual dialogue will be short, therefore making it boring to read, and definitely not garnering me any more readers!


Mon Apr 27 - Off

Tues Apr 28 - 50 min run. Ankle wasn't great, but ok.

Wed Apr 29 - 80 min bike on my own as I was too late for the club ride (which is normal because they start too early for me with work)

Thu - Run 15 min. Ankle wasn't happy so I turned around. Bike 45 mins on the trainer I think.

Fri - Swim 45 mins at the 50m pool. Run 43 mins with ankle still not great.

Sat - Bike 3:27 with the Club. Hard hard ride. My legs were not feeling it. Split off at the half way point again as Graeme's calf was bugging him. 35 min swim in the afternoon.

Sun - 50 min swim, 32 min run. Again with the ankle issue

Mon - Rest - and a chiro appt for more work on the ankle and more work on my hip/groin area. 10 min run after chiro but decided it was not a good idea.

Tue - 90 mins on trainer watching the Canucks game

Wed - 50 min run which felt ok, 20 min swim. I was having reflux issues for a few days and swimming and reflux apparently do not go well together!

Thu - 40 min run in the am another 90 mins on the trainer watching the Canucks game

And yet another thrilling update!

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jen said...

Sucks about your ankle, but look how strong you are on the bike now. When you heal up you will be better off for it. Keep up the good work girl. :)