Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful days

There are certain days that remind you why you live in Vancouver. Not that this city is ever bad, but on a blue sky day when everyone and their dog is out enjoying the sunshine and the ocean and city and mountains are all glistening it somehow makes you whole body relax in a "there's no place like home" way.

The heel thing has been on and off, but I still managed to get in some good training leading up to and on the weekend.

Wednesday - I decided to try out the leg. I did 4 x 15 mins on the trainer, getting off after every 15 mins to walk around for a minute and make sure everything felt ok. It wasn't getting worse and that was good enough for me.

Thursday - 32 min run. Not great, but it was beautiful out which made up for it. Chilly, but the sunrise on the Lions was awesome. I wish I had my camera.

In the evening I rode 20 miles out towards Horseshoe Bay. I didn't feel as strong as I thought I would. Graeme says I hadvn't been on my bike enough and that is definitely part of it. But i am having a hard time rationalizing what an ok number of hours is to train when I don't have an event like Ironman which makes the hours realistic. Not that my hours are anywhere near IM hours.

Friday - 5.1 mi run in 45 mins which is a great pace for me, especially on a hilly run. And in more sunshine! Followed by a crappy swim which I cut short after only 20 mins. It wasn't feeling good. I had to swim in the fast lane as the slow was way too slow and I couldn't really keep up. I was frustrated and embarassed and PMS got the best of me and I left. Then of course I felt worse after. I hope that is a lesson learned but I seem to do that way too often when it comes to swimming.

Saturday - First ride with the tri club. I did the first half of my ride with them (28 mi in 1:28). I was working hard to stay with the fast group, but I managed. I had thought they were going a lot father so I split off from them on Iona and headed back. Of course going home there was no drafting. I tried to keep working as hard as I had been in the group and made the reverse trip of about 33 mi in 1:45ish. Ish as my bike computer is dead and I had my Garmin with me only to have the Garmin battery die at the half way point. I checked the time at the halfway though and then did mapmyride for the distance home (its not exactly the same route back). Total of 3:15 ish and 61 mi. Whatever hurt my left heel on the previous ride, decided to also make my right heel hurt. So now both are bad! It's a very weird pain in that it comes and goes both during riding and when I'm not riding. I need to have Graeme watch me spin on the trainer so he can see if there is anything obvious.

Later Saturday I went for a swim, but I was just tired. The swim wasn't too bad, but I only had 35 mins in me.

Sunday - Up early again and headed out for 40 min run at 9mm pace prior to helping my youngest brother move out of his dorm room. When I got back I headed up for a quick ride for just about 22 miles. It needed to be short as my in-laws were coming over for dinner. My stomach had been upset all day and the ride wasn't an exception. At the turn around I had 3 Clif blok shots and amazingly my stomach felt fine the whole way home. I need to cross the border to the US and stock up on blok shots and Clif bars. We have them here, but not in all the flavours, and the bloks here don't have caffeine or extra sodium, both of which I like.


John said...

Ha,I was about to come in here and chastise you for not updating your blog. I think sore achilles/heels are going around - the wife and I were both complaining about that the other day. Hope you feel better.

Beth said...

Your wife and I always seem to have the same injuries. I don't like it when she gets a new one. Ha.

jen said...

It's been beautiful spring in the northwest (I suppose you call it the Southwest?)! I would love to come up there sometime and see the sights. It's been a few years since I've been. Take it easy on the leg and you'll be strong for your upcoming races. :)