Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At least its my favourite colour

Well there hasn't been too much to update about recently, and this is why.

That is kiniseo tape. In bright turquoise.

Following my long ride on Good Friday, I had some soreness on the outside of my achilles. It was a bit annoying, but really not that bothersome. I had run the next 3 days including a 10 mile run and it had been fine. I ran again on Wednesday morning and in general it was one of those runs where you have weird aches and pains everywhere, but the achilles wasn't too bad overall.

But when I got home from work on Wednesday evening, it was not good. And it hasn't been since. So all that has happened since last Wednesday is swimming. And not even a lot of it because I wasn't feeling that well at the end of last week. But, I do feel like my swimming is coming along. Now I just need to build my swimming muscles more.

Monday evening I went to my lovely chiro office and my chiro thinks its probably not my achilles at all. I also had some tightness higher up in my calf and he thinks its the muscle/tendon that runs down the outside of my leg and then splits at the ankle. So that is why the tape. Yesterday it felt a bit odd and I got lots of funny looks and questions both at the pool and work, but it does seem to help. I can feel while walking that it doesn't allow that muscle to fully contract. So its on for a couple days and everything does feel much better today. I may try to spin on the trainer tonight and see if it holds up and if it does, then I'll ride outside.

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John said...

Hot! You look like a super hero.