Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

After work and swimming on Thursday we headed to Victoria to see my mom and brother for Easter weekend. My youngest brother was supposed to come with us but was sick and decided not to come home.

I had been exhausted all week and the weekend reflected that. Although good workout wise, I really did little else except sleep and eat. But I guess that is needed every once in a while. And really, what else is a long weekend for?

Friday we did a long ride. I really hadn't planned on riding too far, but ended up with 51mi/81km is just under 3:20mins. Which meant it was sloooow. It was a hilly twisty ride and I hadn't felt that great when I had woken up. I felt like I had sickness in my legs, which I know sounds odd but they just didn't want to turn over and the lethargy from the week continued. The ride ended up being so long because I listened to Graeme and didn't turn around at my halfway time point. He said that the loop ended just ahead and that the going back route was more direct. He was right on one part, but the additional distance until the turn around meant I rode way further than originally intended.

Saturday morning I was tired again after not having slept well again on Friday night. Still I managed to run 45 mins at 8:53 pace for 5.07mi. One of my fastest non flat runs ever. I felt much better after the run, but still ended up falling asleep during the hockey game. The Canucks won and clinched the division! There is playoff fever around these parts! We went to the local to my mom's pool before dinner. I used to teach swimming there in high school (yes, I could swim at one point - though not lengths - just with good form from above the water) and its weird to be back each time we go. I swam the longest I have swam there since I was 16 and it felt great.

Sunday was another run/swim day but it started with a swim. This time we headed to Commonwealth Pool. The last time we were there at Christmas the water felt freezing. I am swimming more continuously now though and had no issues with the temperature. After getting home from Victoria I went for a 45 min run. I had planned on doing my long run, but just was not up to it and decided to push it to Monday instead.

Today was back to work. At least for me if not for most people. While I was at work (for a short day as I worked through lunch and left early) Graeme did lots of cleaning and laundry. I then went for my long run (10 mi - the longest in way way way too long) and Graeme bought stuff for dinner, prepared it, and once I got home barbequed it. And he didn't stop there. He cleaned my whole bike including my chain and cassette. He makes a great house husband!


John said...

Ha, I need a Graeme. Welcome home!

Julie said...

I need a Graeme too -- he cleaned your whole bike for you? Ahhhhh -- that would be wonderful. Alas, I have friend who helps me out, but I bring him Timmys and $20 now and then...

:) :) :)