Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back at home

We got home to actual good weather! After a nap and some food, I headed out for my long run in the evening. It was 17C/63F. Nothing to complain about for somewhere that had snow while we were away (in April! that is ridiculous!). I did a 90 min/9.16 mi run as I knew it would help me get to sleep and hopefully start me on a good sleep pattern. It worked and Sunday night I had a great sleep.

Back to work on Monday to a whole host of changes I don't want to get into, but needless to say, the changes led to a sleepless night on Monday. So much for getting back to a good sleep pattern! The rest of the week wasn't much better and the first half of the weeks working out was definitely affected. A combination of work stress, work lunches and work related evening functions doesn't help!

To recap
Mon - 40 min swim including 30 min lesson. I think this lesson really helped
Tue - Off
Wed - 45 min run. I was supposed to do the group ride with the tri club but couldn't get out of work in time. I managed to get a 45 min run in before heading to the club social. Met some nice people.
Thu - 45 min swim after work

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