Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day Weekend

Yes, Canada Day was on Wednesday, and no, we don't get the whole weekend off, but I made a last minute decision and took the Thursday and Friday off to create a 5 day long weekend/mini-vacation break.

After sleeping in we headed down to the pool. Me to swim and Graeme to run. Of course I had forgotten that the pool didn't open until 10am because it was a holiday. So I sat around for 35 mins before it opened. It was a lovely but blustery morning so it wasn't the worst thing in the world to sit around at Kits Beach and watch the ocean and people. Because we had other plans for the day, I was only able to get in 30 mins in the pool and I was sorry because it felt great!

We got home, fueled and went for a quick Horseshoe Bay bike ride. We've only lived in this area for just over a year and really didn't know anyone when we first moved here. Today all we could talk about was how that's changed. We say 10 people out riding/running etc. Following the bike ride we headed downtown for the Yaletown Grand Prix. There aren't too many bike races left in Vancouver anymore, but this is one of the best. We met some friends and had some patio drinks while watching some of the racing, before meeting up with people from the tri club and then having another patio drink. A lovely way to spend Canada Day.

Friends on Canada Day. My girlfriend J is doing the Seattle to Portland ride this weekend. Good luck!

Bike racing.

Thursday was a very lazy day, but it was mentally needed. I even got dressed for a run, ran 20 mins and then called it a rest day instead. I just was not into it and decided instead to sit in the sun and read while Graeme finished the rest of his 2 hour run. It was the right decision.

Friday was another ride day. I met up with a girl from the club and her fiance and we headed out to Horseshoe Bay again. This time we headed out to the end of the old highway. I haven't ridden out that way yet and the views don't get much better. It was a beautiful day and a great way to spend a few morning hours.

Saturday I decided to ride on my own instead of with the club. I headed out towards UBC and enjoyed another summer day. 3 hours of perfect summer morning riding. And I noticed that the hills which before had seemed long all seem much easier since last weekends mountain climbing. After a short trail run in the evening, I spent the rest of the evening on my sofa watching the Tour. I have already talked about how I'm a huge sports fan and this extends to the Tour. I have been watching and looking forward to July for the Tour for years longer then I have been riding. I was in Paris in 2004 for the final stage of the Tour when Lance won his 6th. Watching that bike race is a little different then a local bike race! They ride by SO quickly its all a blur. My attempt at photos on that day did not result in any shots where you could tell what was actually going on. The photos from Yaletown turned out a lot better. Of course I also have a lot better camera now then I did then.

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