Thursday, August 6, 2009


One of the things I learned during the Ragnar Relay, is apparently I can run in the heat. This knowledge was going to prove useful over the next week as Vancouver had its longest and hottest heatwave ever. Many heat records were broken and the heat just kept coming.

While I would have liked to spend every night at the beach and floating around in the ocean, last week was a busy one for a number of reasons including strata meetings, a golf tournament I had organized (where it was 38/100 or 43/109 with the humidity!), a rehearsal dinner for my BILs wedding, and then the wedding itself. Thankfully the weather had cooled slightly for the Saturday evening wedding and its location on top of Grouse Mountain meant it was cooler then in the city.

Still, there was some beach time, and some early morning running when the temperatures were slightly cooler, but only slightly. My legs were definitely feeling the affects of the race. No specific soreness, just tired and heavy and lots of feelings that I wasn't in shape. I did a few short runs Tues/Wed & Fri mornings and a lovely 7am Kits Pool swim on Thursday morning where it was already 30/82 before I jumped in. It was like swimming in bath water. Salty bath water, but bath water nonetheless!

Saturday was a quick 2 hour ride and Sunday another Kits Pool swim. Monday was beachtime with some ocean swimming. Apparently the ocean temperature had been 24/75 a couple days earlier and if anything, it was warmer on Monday. A wetsuit was not needed at all. I could have floated around in the ocean all day.

Now I know a lot of people have been complaining about the heat and while 38 may be a bit too warm on a regular basis for somewhere that people don't have AC in their homes, I could do with the low 30s every day of summer. And I'll run in it too.

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Julie said...

I am totally with you -- I'll take the heat ANY DAY. We have had to turn on the heat here for Pete's sake -- give me 30+ temperatures, please!!!

I am so intrigued by that huge pool of yours -- I'm going to have to go out there one day and swim in it!