Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kettle Valley Rail Trail

After finally locating the Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail on Thursday, I knew I had to go back on Friday and do my long run there. The KVR is a 455km trail that runs through the Okanagan Valley and was originally used for the railroads before rail traffic was abandoned along the line and the trail was turned into a multi-use trail in the 1990s. The portion of the trail I ran on goes all the way to Kelowna or over 60km or 40mi.

The views are stunning. I started from our motel and made my way up Vancouver hill (steep!) and then out onto the trail. The immediate views are of downtown Penticton and the lakefront and then as you continue on the trail you run through vineyards and over trestles. I wish I had a mountain bike so I could have spent more time up there. Of course the trail is uphill on the way out - and more then I had realized so what was supposed to be a 90 min run turned into 45 on the way out and 38 on the way back in. And even though I had left just after 8am, it was already hot, and the clay cliffs suck the heat in and make everything around it warm. There were a few shady spots on the trail and I was glad for them.

I ran as far as where we had lunch the previous day (the cute bistro) before I decided my legs had had enough. I wish I had kept going though! I have a feeling I will be back again before I leave.

Penticton and the surrounding areas are actually home to numerous trail systems and there are many local operations which offer bike riding and wine tasting combos. I can’t see too much wrong with that!


jen said...

Gorgeous! I love the rail trails and that one sounds devine. I might have to make the trip up there just to run on that. And get a beer with you too of course.

So, I know I should know this, but did you sign up for next year's race? Leave me a comment because I am sure I'll forget to check back.

Runner Leana said...

Sounds like you had a terrific time out in Penticton. I absolutely love that area.

Did you sign up for next year? :)

Beth said...

Leana - I am on your 2 year plan - but just at the start of it. I think I may sign up next year. Either way, we will be there.

Julie said...

There's nothing stopping you now in shoes that fit! :) :)