Sunday, October 4, 2009

Running and running and running some more

So this week was my highest mileage week in a while. It was supposed to have ended with yesterday's long run, which brought me up to just under 30 miles for the week, all on the road.

Graeme and had been talking about possibly running some of the Howe Sound Crest trail with Scott but wasn't sure as he's had some calf issues. We were out for breakfast this morning when the text came and he decided to run and somehow I decided it would be a good idea too.

We met a group from the club in the Cypress Mountain parking lot (Scott, Nick, Jordan, Shannon, Graeme and myself) and headed out. Now, on a good day I am slower then everyone in the group and I was feeling the effects of my birthday dinner the night before and a breakfast out less than an hour before. Oh, plus the miles already in my legs this week. I was off the back the entire time but the day was gorgeous and it would have been impossible to not enjoy it anyhow.

We made our way out (and up!) to St. Marks Summit and turned around there after soaking in the view. It ended up being about a 2 hour run/trek, bringing my run total to over 6.5 hours for the week. My legs are feeling it now!

I think a few more of these will be good for me. It's nice to have people pull you along!

We live in a beautiful place.


jen said...

Very beautiful indeed! Great photos. Sounds like a nice place to run. Great job on the high mileage. Have a great week! :)

Julie said...

Gorgeous pics -- and what a great experience to run with people even if they are ahead of you. I think that it helps, mentally -- makes you push yourself more than if you were by your lonesome...At least that's the way it works for me sometimes. :) :)

Awesome mileage by the way -- them thar are runnin' legs!! :) :)