Friday, April 9, 2010

San Diego

So finally a San Diego update!

We arrived in late Friday night, down one suitcase. Luckily it did show up at the hotel the next morning. The hotel itself was good. We were "upgraded" to a 10th floor ocean view room. I say upgraded as it is right below the restaurant and you can hear the music in the evenings, but aside from the first Saturday it wasn't loud. It was mostly blue-haired dancing music.

The first weekend the weather was awesome. Perfect blue skies, warm/hot. The weather for the rest of the week was cooler, but still nice. Arm warmers for the rides, and even leg warmers for one. Even the “storm” they talked about all week turned out to be less then ½ inch of rain during the night. I guess it’s a different standard!

With getting in later on Friday, although we had talked about heading up to Oceanside to watch the 70.3, we were tired. Instead we went for a really yummy breakfast at The Cottage, walked around La Jolla, and then went and picked up our rental bikes. The bike Graeme had reserved had been stolen and so he ended up with what is still a nice bike, but more of a comfort bike, and it was the most purple bike that ever that is not a little girls bike.

The first day we rode a few hours up the coast to Encinitas and back. It is such a nice ride! Really breezy, though not as windy as later in the week and warm!

So many people out riding, running, surfing. I think that was our favourite thing about San Diego. Everyone is actually out enjoying the fabulous weather.

I had read a lot about the hill in Torrey Pines National Reserve, and while it is a long hill, its not steep. During one ride with the wind, I felt like going up the hill was the easiest part of the day due to the tail wind. Graeme says it wasn't. Maybe I am in ok bike shape. At least one thing is going well!

My back started acting up on Thursday (and still is a bit) so I didn't get as much riding in as I'd like, but still 5 rides (mostly on the coast, with one heading inlad to Scripps Ranch). Because I had only ridden outside twice this year, it took until the last day for me to really feel comfortable. That and being on a bike that wasn't mine and wasn't a perfect fit. I think that also contributed to the back issues.

I also have decided that its not that I don't like swimming, its that I don't like swimming in crowded indoor pools. Swimming outside in your own lane is like a little slice of heaven. I would probably swim almost every day if that was what I had here.

Running on the beach was fun, especially watching the surfers, but my favourite run was in Torrey Pines. The trails are so much fun. Dipping up and down, running through brush, just completely different type of trails then we have here. And of course all overlooking the ocean on a cliff. Loved it.

I really like La Jolla as a town. Lots of restaurants, stores, nice beach, good running, riding, and people are friendly. I said when I was 10 I wanted to retire there and I could still see doing that. And housing is cheaper than Vancouver...Oh, and good CA wine and craft beers too.


Julie said...

WOW! San Diego sounds wonderful!

My mountain bike still needs to be tweaked (I always mean to take it in, but then something comes up..) and I get back pains when I do any amount of climbing on it. I bet (like you said) being on a bike that didn't fit you brought out that pain.

Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! :) :) Have fun!!

jen said...

Great recap and beautiful photos! Sounds like a really fun holiday (with a nice amount of training thrown in).

John said...

Cath is in love with SD, but I've not spent much time there (only drove through once in college). She wants us to go back and check it out together, and I'm more than willing to go. We'll have to rendez-vous sometime.