Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend on Saltspring

We are really lucky in that Graeme's parents own a house on Saltspring. There's quite a story around the house as it was actually shipped over to the island on a barge, and set on a piece of bare land they had owned for a while. The house has been there about 7 years now and we've had a lot of good times there. Over the last few years Graeme's parents have been renting it out a lot and between that and Graeme's ironman training, we didn't even make it to Saltspring once last year!

Mid last week Graeme took a look at the booking calendar and saw that the weekend was free so we decided last minute to head over. We tried something new this time and went through Horsehoe Bay, and then drove down to Crofton to take the ferry to Vesuvius. Being that we live on the North Shore, this is a great option for us.

Of course Friday night was a Canucks game, and neither of us wanted to miss it, but through the beauty of technology, we were able to watch the game while on the ferry - by streaming cbc sports on the laptop with tethering to the iPhone! Pretty amazing what you can do now!

The weekend was great as it always is. Good food, good drink, farmers market (I wanted to buy more stuff!), pub lunch, a couple funny short runs (after a failed attempt at finding a trailhead) and a ride on Sunday, in the sunshine (as it rained in Vancouver!), and a great book.

I will say that the ride was one of the hardest I have done! I think it was a combination of a tired body, a wee bit too much to drink on Saturday night and the fact that the hills on the north end of the island, while not long are STEEP. All in your smallest gear, standing up, leaning over the front wheel. In the end the ride was not as long as I would have wanted as I was just DONE. The stop for an iced latte in Ganges on the way back was a necessity!

I hope we get back a few more times this year. It's just so easy to fully decompress when you are there.

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Julie said...

That is so cool that you guys can pop over there sometimes! What a treat!

That bike ride sounds like something else too -- hahahaha!