Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm still around!

We have just passed a big deadline at work and now I have a chance to get caught up on my life outside of work. Lots of late evenings last week meant my training did suffer, but such is life. I am catching up on regular work which has been put aside the last few weeks but once I am caught up there I will catch up in here.

And just a couple pictures of places I have swam in the last little while.

Second Beach Pool

New Brighton Pool

Kits Pool

Aaaaahhhh Vancouver in the summertime.


Julie said...

Look at the size of that Kits Pool!! HOLY CRAP!!!! How big is that sucker? You must be in heaven!!! :) :)

jen said...

Ooooh I would love to find an outdoor pool like that! Gorgeous.

Beth said...

Julie, Kits Pool is 137.5m (150 yards) long! It's awesome.

Julie said...

WOW!! Amazing to have that facility! I was telling my friend about the pool, and she didn't believe me at first until she looked it up on google. :) :) :)