Friday, June 26, 2009

Time in the bank

Nothing exciting, but I am getting stronger.

Training roundup

Monday, June 15
35 min swim. Crappy.

June 16
5 mi run

June 17
2 mi run (slowly increasing mileage so adding some short runs);
Just under 50km ride with the club. Felt a little wheezy for the second time (first was on the weekend) but I think its just allergies.

June 18
50 min swim. Once again felt crappy.

June 19
50 min easy lunch time run
About an hour swim. First swim of the Graeme planned workouts. Felt much better. Cool down was COLD though. Gray and drizzly out.

June 20
20 min ride. Started pouring a few mins in and I was already cold. Decided to postpone until Sunday when better weather was forecasted
90 min run. Ankle felt ok, but not great.
20 min swim. Pool schedule online was wrong and got kicked out after 20 mins for closing. I am tired of the local pools and the schedules ALWAYS being wrong.

June 21
Nada. Up early for Graeme’s race and then was exhausted. By the time I recovered it was raining again. So much for that forecast! Graeme and I had a very nice pub lunch though so it was a nice if unproductive day.

June 22
30 min swim. Back was hurting so had to cut it short, but otherwise felt good.

June 23
53 min run. Felt strong.

June 24
20 min am run.
1:40 bike. Was not mentally into it after work etc. but I got it done.

June 25
50 min. Another Graeme planned workout. Another good swim.

June 26
50 min trainer
55 min run
60 min swim

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