Friday, June 12, 2009

What was that again?

Training, I mean. So, after the work craziness came illness. Which really I shouldn't be too suprised about. My body is not overly fond of being stressed out. At least in the manner it was.

But I am "mended" and did a short 30 min run on Thursday AM. First real workout since the Thursday before. Thursday evening was a 60 min trainer ride, and then Friday a 40 min lunch run.

I seem to have trouble with these colds/flus/sicknesses a lot. I eat well and sleep well and I don't generally feel like I am pushing my body too much. I know stress is a huge part of it, but unfortunately that is just a part of my job, and well, most jobs. I guess the good news is I generally come back with more motivation to train even more/smarter and I feel like I have come to that point again this time.

I'm also obviously not good about posting when i'm not being active!

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