Monday, September 28, 2009

And the rainy running starts again

Since I have started this blog I have actually done surprisingly little running in the rain. And this isn't for a lack of running, but more the way the weather has worked out. But well, that has changed. As much as we have had great summer weather, living in Vancouver means the rain always comes back.

Before the last week I had shunned looking at or thinking about fall clothes, but the air in the past week has felt like fall and made me look at little closer at the sweaters and boots as I passed by the stores.

So yes, fall has arrived and while I am a summer girl at heart, on a recent run I recalled how I had made the best of weather we had last winter. 30 degree days and floating around in the ocean are always where my heart will be, but there is still fun to be had on rainy and snowy days in the months to come. So, to rainy running, muddy running, and eventually (at least more than likely) snowy running, I am, if not looking forward to all of them, at least embracing them the best I can.


Julie said...

That picture looks so bleak and miserable -- AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!! BRRR! Hahahahaha!

I like your thoughts of embracing it and just getting out there. But seriously, that pic looks like a tropical mega-storm is about to hit. LOL! :) :)

Bottom line? You are hardcore!!!! :)

Beth said...

I didn't take that picture and its not from today. But that is pretty much what it looks like out there.

And really, you're one to talk. Don't you ride your bike in the snow?!?! Ha.