Monday, September 14, 2009

Cultus Lake Sprint Tri Race Report

We left home around 6am and got to the race site at 7:15. It was a beautiful morning and turned into a beautiful day. Got everything set up and had some time so hung out for a bit. It was nice to have Graeme as my race sherpa as when I did Shawnigan he was also racing so this was my first race with support. There were also lots of other people from the club racing and some of their spousal support as well. Eventually I got my wetsuit on and did a quick warm up before they called everyone out of the water for the pre race meeting. I had a slight moment of panic in my warm up but then was ok.

I started off toward the back and ended up having to swim around a bunch of people. My swim was consistent but not fast. I felt really good about my swim the whole time though. Coming back into transition we were swimming directly into the sun and siting was really hard. I went a bit off course but not too bad. I remember thinking about how much easier and more fun this was than my first race. The water was warm so there was no take your breathe away feeling when trying to breath.

Transition went ok. I had some issues with the wetsuit but not too bad. Then I was out on the bike. I felt SO MUCH BETTER on the bike this time then last. I felt like I could push more and was actually smiling and having a really good time. I passed a bunch of people on the bike and I think only a couple guys passed me. There were 2 other girls and I who were all passing back and forth but I beat them both off the bike.

Onto the run. I was sure that at least one of the 2 girls was going to pass me as she really looked like a runner. My legs were heavy and it took a while for them to come around, but they did. All of a sudden, the finish line was coming up. And I mean all of a sudden. It turns out one of the turn around was put in the wrong place and the run was only about 4100m instead of 5000m.

I ended up being 8th overall female in the sprint and third in my AG (out of 15), so podium which was a big surprise.

12:58 2:00 (swim was short - ended up being 650m)
0:39:43 30.2 km/hr
0:19:14 4:49min/km (4km)

I am happy with how I feel about the whole race. Overall it was just a great morning and day and I was happy being out there. Such a huge feeling of redemption after how I felt after Shawnigan (which really wasn't much worse but I didn't feel as good about it) And I am so glad I did this race at the end of the season. Now I feel energized to work hard this winter for next season!

Post race and awards was lunch and beers at a pub with a bunch of people from the club. Congratulations to everyone on their races and thanks to all for the support. I can't think of many better ways to spend a Sunday!


jen said...

Congrats!! What a strong race from start to finish. It looks like a beautiful place for a race. Congrats on the AG Place!!

Julie said...

Great race!!! You looked awesome in the photos as well! :) :)

How cool is that to earn a podium finish?? YAY!!!!!! :) :)

John said...

Beth, you're awesome!!! Congrats on a great race. Nice way to end the year, eh?