Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunny Sunday Adventures

Sunday was the day for adventure. We got up bright and early and hit the road just after 6am for the Duffey Lake area, which is about 40km north of Pemberton, which itself is about 30km north of Whistler. The area is home to the Cayoosh Mountain Range. Graeme wanted to do some pre-winter recon on a backcountry skiing area. We hiked in to the hut, which took about an hour and a half (including running some of the decommissioned road). From there you get a really great view of the glacier. It was a relatively warm day, but at altitude it was still pretty chilly.

We had lunch and walked around the area a bit before heading back out. On the way out I managed to bail, not once, or twice, but three times. Luckily nothing more then a couple scrapes and a slightly wrenched muscle in my upper back. The few days of rain easlier this week had made the forest really damp and the wet logs were pretty unforgiving.

The only wildlife we ended up seeing the entire day was a bear on the road in Pemberton. I’d rather see one that way then when hiking!

With no plans for the rest of the day and as it was a beautiful day and just after noon when we finished off the hike, we decided to stop off in Whistler on the way home. We had lunch and beers on the patio in the sunshine while watching the Seahawks (who lost) game on one side, and people on their mountain bikes coming down to the base of the mountain on the other.

After a beautiful drive down the Sea to Sky, we finished off a great day with some homemade pizza (homemade pesto, mini farmers market tomatoes and boconcinni) and a great bottle of Therapy chardonnay we picked up while in Penticton. I wish all Sunday’s could be like this!

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jen said...

Beautiful photos! Would love to see the winter ones if you guys go ski there as planned. What fun.