Saturday, February 7, 2009

First real ride of the year

Saturday afternoon. Out to Horseshoe Bay and back. About 1:40 and 48km. Of course my bike computer stopped working a few minutes in, so I don't have exact numbers. But I know how long this ride is, as I've done it more then any other.

I haven't been outside on my bike in way too long to mention. My new pedals felt awesome and I really felt like I had more power transfer. I also felt like I had more power period. I didn't use all my gears until the hill back up to home, and all last year I would be using them all on the entire ride. It was only 7*C and I thought I would be freezing, but I ended up wearing the perfect amount of clothes - tights with shorts over, 2 long sleeve shirts and my cycling jacket, winter cycling gloves and toe warmers. I have enough hair that with the helmet I don't need an extra hat.

I have passed men going uphill before, but yesterday was better. Generally I can pass older men on hills, but I passed younger guys who looked like they were working. And I passed Graeme a number of times too which always feels good as he is a much stronger rider then me. The best part of the ride was passing a guy going downhill which I have never done before.

I forgot just how much fun riding outside was. It's only going to make the trainer harder until I get another opportunity to ride outside. But at the same time, I now know for sure that the trainer riding is making me stronger.


jen said...

Great ride! The trainer rides are definitely keeping you in amazing cycling shape if you're powering up the hills like that. I'm struggling to get a ride in today (trainer) but this is definitely motivating. Keep up the great work.

Beth said...

Thanks Jen! And yes, keep up the trainer riding. It really does make a difference.