Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Mystery Illness

Well I'm still sick. I have had bloodwork and urine sampling done twice including during a trip to the ER on Friday when the pain in my stomach became unbearable. After being there for 3 hours and being told it would be at least an hour before the blood results would be ready and longer to see a doctor, we left. The pain had dissipated and we live a few blocks from the hospital so I felt that if it got worse, it would be easy to go back. Plus my mom is a doctor so I wanted to call her and get her opinion. I followed up with an appointment at the clinic on Saturday for an abdominal exam to make sure that it wasn't necssary to go back to the hospital. Then I had an appointment at my own doctors on Monday.

Anyway, the results on the blood and urine from the ER visit have come back normal. I am still tired, lightheaded, and my lower back/kidney area is still sore. Both my mom and my own doctor think it could possibly be/have been a kidney stone. I'm not sure that the normal blood/urine means that it wasn't, but I will be calling my mom.

So, yes, no training. And while I really really want to get back to it, I actually do not feel guilty about not having done anything. I just know that I have not and am not physically able to do anything. Hopefully I will be able to soon though. Spring is definitely on its way and I want to be out there.


John said...

Hopefully, this is all behind you now, my dear. I know it sucks to be put on the sideline, but, in the long-run, the forced rest will probably do your body good. Be good to yourself.

Beth said...

Thanks John. I think I am on the upswing now.

And so you know, I have tried to comment on your blog, but it won't let me...

John said...

Hmmm...that's strange. I'll have to check my settings. I'm not very blog savvy, so maybe I did something wrong in the set-up.

But thanks for trying.

Have a great weekend!

jen said...

Oh, how frusterating. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care!

And don't worry, there's lots of nice weather coming up. It'll be waiting for you when you are better. :)