Friday, February 20, 2009

A productive week

Was not what I had. My total sum of working out for the last week? Zero. Yes, that's right, nothing. I have the sickness. It's a strange one too. It seems like everyone in Vancouver has been sick the last few weeks. Though thankfully it is on its last stages and I think there may be a workout today.

I have tried a couple times but with no success. I put on my running clothes (including my new Lululemon running jacket) and headed out on Sunday morning. 5 minutes in and I knew it wasn't happening. So I turned around and walked home, hoping I didn't fall over before I got there. I did manage 2 short walks that day. I had to get outside. The weather has of course been beautiful all week. Sunny skies and highs of 10-12 (low 50s). The rest of the week I have had stomach pain (still not 100% there), a cough, weakness, and just general blahs. A coworker did say I looked a lot peppier yesterday, and I felt it too. Still not up to trying anything, but I will try today.

I am hoping the week off has at least meant some healing time for my calves and hamstring. Something positive out of it would be great.

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jen said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you are sick. I feel your pain, I've got some kind of yuck too. I was thinking that it will be a good break for my legs, so kind of a blessing in disguise I guess. Hang in there! :)