Friday, February 13, 2009

Muscle cramping

It seems that a lot of the issues I have been having lately pertain to muscle cramping. My calves being the obvious one, but my right hamstring went into full cramp during last Saturday night. And has been threathening to cramp pretty muc every night since. As well every time I swim my feet start to cramp about 1200m in.

At my chiro appointment on Monday, my chiro asked if we had already talked about magnesium when I last had calf issues. We had not. He said that magnesium is essential to muscle relaxation and recommended that I start taking it. He then said that if I was having any tension headaches, magesium helps with them too. And I have been having a lot more tension headaches then normal recently.

So I looked up the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, and along with muscle cramping and headaches they talk about jaw soreness/tightness. This is something I experience off and on but lately I have been grinding my teeth a lot more at night.

So I am now on day 3 of taking a magnesium supplement. I do not take any other vitamins so we will see how this goes.


jen said...

Wow, sounds like you've found the answer. I know you can get magnesium through certain foods too: nuts, beans, spinach. Good luck, I hope the supplement helps!

Beth said...

That's the one reason I'm not 100% sure about it being magnesium, because I eat a lot of those foods pretty much daily. But we'll see.