Friday, March 20, 2009

Finishing the work week off on a high note


I had planned to have Graeme drop me off on the north shore side of the bridge after work. I started at the bottom of the Capilano River Trail and ran up, up, up to the top of the Cleveland Dam.

On top of the Cleveland Dam

Me giddy not only to be running on a trail after work but in SUNSHINE! I had sun on my legs! So not just sun, but not freezing cold and sun.

I then ran down on the road to home. Total of just under 7.4 m in 75 mins. The trail miles were about 2 mins per mile slower than the road miles, but so much more enjoyable. I am so glad I had a good run. My workouts this week have been lagging and I wasn't sure I'd even be able to run the whole thing and had visions of having to walk out of the canyon (ok, not quite that bad), but I felt strong. Being on the trail really energized me. Of course the mile up the hill back home didn't feel great, but I'll be shocked the first day it does.

Other workouts this week:

Mon - 45 min run. I felt trashed after.

Tues - 90 mins on the trainer. After the crappy run on Monday I was worried about this, but it actually felt great.

Wed - 30 min swim am. Was supposed to be 40 but my back has been bothering me since the fall. 40 min run after work. It was supposed to be easy, but it was not. I was done after. But my in-laws were over for dinner so no early bed time.

Thu - Off.. I was exhausted and skipped both workouts.

Fri - Swam this am in lieu of yesterday's skipped swim workout. We went to the 50m pool before work. I felt like I was barely moving forward but Graeme says I looked fluid and good. Who knows. We had time after to have breakfast together before work which was really nice.


jen said...

Way to finish off the week. Those photos are amazing! The one from the top of the dam makes me woozy. :P

Beth said...

That's funny because it gave me vertigo which I've never had before. Just looking out was ok, but looking down with all the noise felt really weird.

John said...

Again, am most jealous. Perhaps Cath and I will make it out there someday and we could all go running together. I bet the views are stunning.

Beth said...

Well the two of you do come to Seattle regularly, right? Next time you should make a trip up.

Of course I'll just tell you guys where to go and "lead" from behind.