Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A mid-week update

Almost half way through the work week and only a few more days until we're on vacation! So this week is a rest week workout wise and next week is a rest week brain wise!

To recap the last few days...

Saturday - nada. My back was not happy when I got up. At 5am. We were supposed to be skiing but there was no way it was happening. I ended up lying on the floor for a few hours. Luckily I got an appointment with my chiro and she did some graston on it and released a lot of the muscle tension. It's not 100% but the pain is now lower down and more manageable. It was a painful session and left me with little parallel lines on either side of my spine. The subsided quickly though.

Sunday - back was feeling much better, but I still didn't want to risk riding outside. Instead I did a brick of 90 mins on the trainer followed by a 30 min run outside. The run included what I think is my fastest mile yet (7:47) with 5K in 25:30 and then a cool down to 30 mins for an overall pace of 8:30. It felt really good. And I was warm! More sunshine on my legs! Later that afternoon I swam for 40 mins.

Monday - 40 min swim including a 30 min lesson. I have so much to work on! I really like this coach though and feel like i will be able to make some progress. Apparently I look like I should be going faster then I am. That's helpful!

Tuesday - 30 min run in the am. Legs were dead. I felt like my left leg just didn't want to come around. I did 15 mins on stretching and rolling after which really helped. Yesterday evening was 45 mins on the trainer with 3x8 min hard intervals.

Wednesday - 30 min run after work. A lot better than Tuesday's run. Pace was about 9:12. Followed the run by a 40 min swim. I was really trying to incorporate what I've been taught in the lessons and can feel some lengths are really good and others are not. I think with more time I will be able to put it together. At least better then it is now!

I really need to pack! I feel like I have no summer clothes that aren't workout clothes. I guess its a good thing we are planning on this being a very active vacation.

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