Monday, March 9, 2009

More winter?!?

It's true. Winter is back. Cold temperatures and snow. Normal highs for this time of year are around 10/50. I would love for normal right now. In 45 minutes yeterday afternoon we got well over an inch of snow where we live. And it snowed more overnight. And more again today. Graeme is really hoping the roads don't get too salted or sanded as they have just recovered from all the December/January snow and he has a lot of riding to do in the next few months.

45 min run - even though I was slightly hungover from a work function the night before I got out and got it done.

20 min swim after work. This was meant to be 45 mins but I got home from work late and didn't realize public swim at the pool starts at 7:30 on Fridays. So 15 mins with lanes and another 5 mins without before we were chased out of the pool by diving kids.

7.5 mi run. The longest is a long time. It took a while to get in a groove, but I eventually got there. I did some more discovering of some local trails and have no idea why I haven't run there before. There will be lots of trail running there from now on.

15 min swim. My back was bothering me and I didn't want to push it. Still a good amount of swimming for the week when I haven't been in a while.

1:40 bike ride. Even though it was cold yesterday, I bundled up and went out for a ride. This was before the snow arrived! It was hard and slow. I think my body was using up too many calories trying to stay warm and I ended up having to stop at a little corner store for a chocolate bar. I did feel much better after that. I stopped to take some photos with my blackberry. The ocean was incredibly sparkling and blue. I think it was too bright for the poor blackberry camera because the photos didn't turn out at all. After taking the pictures I put my bb back in my pocket and rode away. I hit a little bump a couple hundred meters up the road and my bb flew out of my back pocket and smashed on the road. The battery flew out but somehow when I put it back together it was fine. And there is only a minor scuff on the plastic. I am lucky no one was driving behind me or else it probably would have been run over.

Even though it was a cold hard ride, it was still a victory for me. Last year I would have just gotten on the trainer. I am making a point of getting outside when I can. Even if its cold and I'm by myself.

The best part of the weekend? We booked a trip to Hawaii and leave in less than 3 weeks! The vacation needed to be somewhere Graeme could keep training so there will be lots of riding, running and swimming. And of course relaxing. With this most recent blast of winter I am really looking forward to it. I just hope I don't blind anyone with my incredible whiteness.

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jen said...

It's been snowing here off and on all day too... where is this "spring" they speak of??

A great week of workouts for you. Congrats on the long run! I love discovering new trails. The long ride was a success too, glad your phone didn't suffer fatal damage. You're awesome for getting outside to ride in the cold. Have a great week!