Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vacation time!

Well in about an hour we head to the airport to go to Hawaii and I am SO looking forward to it. We will have the laptop so there may be an update while we are there.

I wasn't feeling that great on Thursday/Friday so I did my 45 min trainer ride on Thursday morning then skipped the swim on Thursday evening. I ended up doing that swim on Friday morning but then skipping the run on Friday evening. I had wanted to run at lunch on Friday and had brought my stuff. Only to realize after getting to the gym and when I was already partially dressed (on the bottom) that I had forgot a sports bra. One of those days I guess. Its apparent my brain needs a break!

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jen said...

bon voyage! Soak up lots of sun for the rest of us in the Pacific NW. Can't wait to see photos. Have a safe trip!