Thursday, January 15, 2009

I want to curl up under a blanket

It seems the last week of non-stop going for my work conference, plus the going out it entails on top of all the normal stuff has taken its toll. I had luckily avoided the sickness my husband had over the new year, but I seem to be coming down with something else.

4 miles done yesterday after work. Not the greatest run. Between my hamstring acting up and some stomach issues, I was very glad to get home. After eating dinner (well, what I could eat of it), I promptly went to bed. I spent some time this morning deciding whether coming in to work was a good idea, and in the end I decided I could handle it.

That combined with it being 4:22 and I'd love to go home. But I can't. Instead I have to go out this evening with work associates. At least it is to the hockey game, but I would much prefer to be watching from my sofa. Or even better from my bed.


jen said...

Hi! Hope you are feeling better today. :)

Did you go to a Canucks game? I really miss going to SJ Sharks games since we moved to Portland! Vancouver is technically the closest team now maybe we'll get up to a game this spring.

Have a good weekend!

Beth said...

Hi Jen, yes it was the Canucks game. And they sucked it up big time. It was probably one of the woest games I have seen! The combination of not feeling well and the crappy game made me leave afte the 2nd period, and I never leave games early!

Still not feeling great. Hoping to leave work early and sleep and hope I feel better after that.