Friday, January 23, 2009

Inside the fog

The fog has finally lifted outside but now it seems to have taken up residence in my head. Day 4 of headache. Day 1 of migraine. This is different then any migraine I have had before, but it is not just a headache. My head feels heavy and pressured and at the same time like its going to float away from my body. There is pain too, but not stabbing pain like my other migraines have had. My vision is a bit fuzzy and the nausea is ebbing and flowing. So today there is no workout to report.

Monday - 35 min run, 45 min swim
Tuesday - 45 min run, 40 min bike

From Tuesday's lunchtime run

Wednesday - off to headache
Thursday - 35 min run, and swim skipped in the evening

Foggy city


jen said...

Oh I'm so sorry about that damn persistant headache. That sucks. :(

Great photos and great workouts. Feel better!

Elizabeth said...

that first fog photo is just gorgeous.