Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the hunt for sunglasses

I'm not sure if anyone else has as hard of a time finding sunglasses. I think part of my problem is that I am just not used to how I look in them, so therefore feel like I look awful in all of them. I visited the Oakley store this morning and tried on a few pairs. The one's I thought I wanted (based on the website) looked awful on me. Graeme thinks the Ravishing (shown below) were the best. I need something for general wear. Hiking/going to the pool in the summer etc. Not something too dressy, but something nicer then the pair I wear to ride my bike (which while very practical are not at all stylish).

I thought I didn't want a black pair, but none of the other frame colours appeal to me. Clear pink just is not my style.


John said...

Hey, Beth!

I have one pair of sunglasses that I would jump in front of a moving car for, just because they are the only pair that I EVER thought looked even remotely good on me. I dread the day that they're lost or broken. I swear, it's the curse of having a small head.
Anywho, I love your blog - great pics!

- John.

Beth said...

Thanks John!

I have a small face and have a really hard time finding sunglasses that don't make look like a bug so I can understand dreading their demise.