Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pacific Spirit trails

Though I haven't been feeling that well, I decided to try running this morning anyway. Graeme and I drove out to UBC to run on the Pacific Spirit trails. It has been foggy here all week and though where we live was above the clouds and sunny this morning, I knew it would still be foggy out by the university.

When we got there I was surprised there was still as much snow as there was. Some of the trails were still really snowy and made for slow going. The fog wasn't too bad in the trails - enough to have pretty good visibility. The trails are beautiful in any weather though.

Graeme is much faster then me, but we ran the first bit together, then he went ahead and would circle back when he got to a fork and let me know which way he was headed. It was nice to run together again.

An hour run and though I could feel the effects of having been sick, it wasn't too bad. My hamstring appreciated the mostly flat run and the softness of the trails.

After the run we showered and had lunch at the club, then ran some errands. I would like to swim now, but that is probably pushing it. We have a dinner reservation (Dine Out Vancouver) at 7:30 so I will probably take a nap instead.

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