Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A two week recap

Well its easy to get behind here! It has been a busy few weeks.

Workouts have looked like this

Jan 1 - 30 min trainer
2 - 60 min trainer
3 - 1600m swim. Cut short as the pool closed early due to snow
4 - 46 min run on really snowy sidewalks, 1650m swim
5 - Off
6 - 4 cold rainy miles from work at lunch
7 - 45 min trainer
8 - 5.4 mi lunchtime run (just over my 10K PR pace), 1000 m swim
9 - Off
10 - Ski Blackcomb
11 - Ski Blackcomb then start of conference
12 - Off - Meetings/conference/work ALL DAY
13 - Off - Conference then home. Exhausted after the past few days and do nothing.

So. It's time to get back to normal running now that the sidewalks are FINALLY clear. And to swimming. And there may even ben an outdoor bike ride in my future this weekend if the forecast holds.

Pictures to come from some of the last few weeks adventures. Part of my new years plan was to take a picture everyday but I missed yesterday. Still there are some good ones I need to post.

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jen said...

Wow, great job on the two week streak of training. I'm so jealous you went skiing at Blackcomb, sweeeeet. Zach and I would love to come up there and ski but probably won't happen this year due to financial situation (boo).

I look forward to pictures! Sounds like quite the winter storm you had. Have a great week!