Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last day of 2008

When I look back at my workout log, I see I have done the following activities this year.

Bike (road and trainer)
Drill (bootcamp style class)
Grind (hike/run up the side of a mountain)
Physio/Chiro exercises
Run (road and trail)

Not as many different things as 2007, but not bad! And I have averaged an extra hour per week of working out over 2007.

For 2009 I'd like to do at least as many different activities and I'd like to try something new as well. Most of all I want to be consistent and continue to build a good base. I will post again with some more specific goals for the year.

I had hoped to run today but it is just too icy out. I did swim again and had a great swim to end the year with. But that's just not the same as a run.

Happy New Year! I hope 09 brings good fun for everyone.


jen said...

Hi beth!

I like your 2008 recap better than most I've read- the focus on variety and adventure rather than numbers. You are quite the well-rounded athlete, I'm impressed! I should try doing more of those things.

I apparantly missed out on your recent posts- I thought I had the rss feed thingy but I must have screwed it up. Good running lately despite the weather and amazing pictures of your snow. Happy Holidays dude!!

Beth said...

I just posted them all! I have been behind and didn't have access to the photos so just saved the posts until I could finish them off.

And I need to not focus on the numbers. Yet anyway. I have spent so much time injured and am really trying to just build a base again before I set my sights on any racing or number targets. Happy holidays and have a great New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 2009!

What a great list of activities. :)

I was wondering about the posts too. I checked your blog occasionally and didn't see any. I was starting to think my internet was screwy when they all appeared, LOL.