Monday, December 15, 2008

Tools of the trade

This morning as I made my way into the office, I wondered how people who live where its really cold all winter continue to run outside. It's not just the cold, although that is bad enough, but the ice as well.

Well today's run took place at the dark, cold, snowy track. This was not a "track workout", but rather a run that could only take place because the track is flat. There were some icy sections, but they're easier to deal with when you are not on a hill. Today also marked my first run with a headlamp. I needed to see where the ice was.

I couldn't put the run off. The forecast only has it getting colder later this week. The temperature at the time of the run was -3/26 or -8/17 with the windchill. I had thin long johns under my tights and my legs were the perfect temperature. My upper body could have been warmer. I had on a wicking long sleeve base layer under a Lululemon fitted running hoodie that is fleecy inside, really warm gloves and socks, and of course a hat. My ears would have preferred a warmer hat, but the headlamp seems to work best with a baseball cap.

Now, it wasn't all bad. I did feel a bit badass. And dedicated. And running on the crunchy snow is fun in a way. Really with another layer on top and less ice I could probably even do a longer colder run. Of course when you dislike the treadmill as much as I do, you'll find any way to avoid it.

Shiny with vaseline.

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