Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That time of year

Yes, I am talking about Christmas. I love it. All of it. The music (no, not all of it is good), the lights (yes some houses are overdone) and the presents, both giving and receiving. I love coming up with gift ideas. I know a lot of people say men are hard to shop for, but my husband it not one of theose. My problem is of the other variety - trying to narrow down the gifts. An no, this is not a post about what I am thinking about giving him. That would ruin the surprise! These are some of the things I'd like to see under the tree.

A CHI flat iron. I have been using a cheapy one for a long time and my hair already gets enough abuse from chlorine and showers.

An Illuminite running hoody/jacket. I know my mom would be happy that I am more visible to traffic during these long dark days.

Wallaroo socks. To prevent blisters on wet trail runs.

And of course this giftcard is always welcome.

(yes it's Lululemon)

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