Thursday, December 25, 2008


I wanted to continue with the good exercise habits over Christmas even as my eating and drinking were more than a little overboard. After getting off work on the 23rd, Graeme swam and I ran from the pool. A snowy icy run along the seawall. I have run that route more then any other, but I have never run it looking like that. There were people snowshoeing on the beach and cross country skiing down the side of the path!

In Victoria on the 24th, we went to Commonwealth Pool. It is a nice pool and the competition pool was set up for 50m. Of course it was also set up for competition temperature wise and I had a hard time catching my breathe for the first few laps and I never got properly warmed up. Still, I hadn't been in the pool in a while and it was good to at least get back in.

Even though Christmas Eve night meant a lot of drinking with Graeme and my brothers (and my mom was there of course, but she doesn't drink), Graeme and I both headed out for a run before anyone else was up on Christmas morning. That doesn't mean it was early though. The rest of my family are night owls and late risers.

It was a nice 8K run. Mostly on the road itself as the sidewalks were ice in most locations. It felt really good to be out there and again reminded me how happy I am to be running injury free. The smoked salmon eggs benny and champagne and orange juice breakfast was a very nice post run treat. Of course more water in there probably would have helped!

Christmas morning in Victoria

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