Monday, December 8, 2008


There was a woman in the pool on Saturday and to say she was a poor swimmer would be an understatement. She was demonstrating her "butterfly" to a couple of her friends, who laughed at her the entire way down the pool. However, one said to the other, "well you know what, no matter what, she never gives up". She even asked me if I knew how to do the butterfly (which I don't). Now, I don't think I'd a. have the guts to try something I have no idea how to do in such a busy atmosphere, or b. ask people in the next lane who are better swimmers for tips. But at the same time, had I known how to do it, I would have had no issue giving her tips. I guess that is part of the lesson - don't give up and don't be afraid to ask for help. This is definitely something for me to work on. I have a fear that people are going to laugh at me in their head for not knowing how to do something or for not being good at something. And yes, I know logically that is unlikely to be the case.

Another trail run yesterday. This was more frustrating then Saturday's. I could not find the entrance to the trail and spent 40 or so minutes running around just trying to figure it out. Eventually I did and was so happy to be running on it. Of course, a few minutes in, I came across a sign saying the trail was closed due to high water damage. So the run was cut short. Of course when I got home I was able to find the detour which allows you to continue on the trail. So now all I have to do is wait until next weekend when I'll be able to run trails again, as running them alone in the dark just isn't for me.

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