Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Before tonight the last time I did was yoga was probably early August. And I pulled my hamstring. Honestly, the hamstring still is not 100%. It has better and worse days, but it is manageable. I love how yoga makes me feel, but somehow always mange to forget that, especially this time with it causing an injury. Yes, I can barely touch my toes. My hamstrings are permanently tight. But I want them not to be. I can balance on one leg and do backbends, so at least all is not lost.

This is my favourite video.

The 2 DVDs allow for many different lengths of practice, each with a slightly different focus. Of course you can do the full length version on either DVD too. I am not quite up to that yet though. It was way harder then it should have been. I hope to do some form of yoga 1-2x a week again. I really need to do some classes as well to work on my form. I would like to start that now, but don't want to be the new girl right at the new year. Hopefully I can just get over myself and go now instead of putting it off.

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Elizabeth said...

After about a month of doing a sun salutation sequence about 4-5 times every morning, I can actually touch my toes. I consider it a small miracle. :)

I like the title of that video. I'll have to note it for future ..

Go to class! :) I am envious of your backbends. I lay on my back and dream that I am doing them, LOL.