Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, I was wrong.

I don't love everything about this time of year. It is currently "party season" at work and I am tired. I would love nothing more than to head home straight after work and get a good workout in, but instead it is party after party after party. They are fun for a while, but they do get tiring, especially when you have to be "on" all the time. If you have a corporate job, you probably know what I mean. I have been good to not over drink at any of the events, but between the later nights, a few drinks and my back not feeling great, there has been no running to talk about.

I am looking forward to this evening though. There is an event tonight (actually there are 3), but I will make a very brief appearance at one and then head home and outside for a dry but cool run. After today it gets cold. I'm sure many people will laugh at our "cold" but for Vancouver, its going to be very cold. There is even snow in the forecast for the city!

I'm not sure my "cold weather" running gear is good enough. Maybe its time to go shopping...

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jen said...

hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog. WOW of course I remember you! I'm so excited to come across each other again! How cool. I'm not in touch with anyone else from shape anymore, but I do wonder about everyone! Oh wait, actually Maritza (runninginsf) is one of my best friends, I actually forget we met online, haha.

Email me sometime if you'd like, I'd like to catch up. :) And I'll definitely be reading your blog. Good luck with all the holiday parties! This time of year is fun but NOT condusive to running.

Oh, and I'm in Portland now and it's going to get very cold here too, high of 20 degrees. :( Maybe even snow!