Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lime green socks? (and winter has arrived)

I picked up a couple pairs of socks at the sample sale yesterday. One heavier winter pair and a lighter low ankle pair. When I got home I realized in the last 2 weeks I seem to have developed a lime green sock obsession.

At least they all serve different purposes. And the Sugoi socks seem to have saved my legs. I could barely walk yesterday and after wearing them overnight (yes I am a geek) I was not only able to run today, but ran a fast for me 10kms. And it was hilly.

1 - 9:13
2 - 8:54
3 - 9:32
4 - 9:32
5 - 10:13
6 - 9:39

Can you tell which mile was straight up hill? The elevation profile looked like this.

The local mountains had their first big snowfall of the year yesterday.

The Lions from my run.

Out my window.

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