Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland

I have been waiting for the first mountain snowfall. Of course last night it snowed in the city as well, but I digress. With having a calf injury for the first few months of this year which meant not only running, but no walking recommended, I have been waiting a long time to use last years Christmas present - snowshoes.

We headed up to Cypress this morning. Over 20cms of fresh powder overnight. And light fluffy snow at that, as its colder then normal here. My snowshoes are really meant for running/racing, but with the new snow, the trails were not yet packed. Still, I did not have any problems. Of course the fact that Graeme broke trail the whole time helped. There were definitely some woohoos as I ran down the hills. I think both the ups and downs were my favourite. I can't wait to go again.

My new Smartwool socks worked well. My feet were damp by the end, but they stayed warm.

Below is a view of where we were from the other side of the water. This was taken this afternoon once the sun started to come out.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I think I may have to brave the drive up to the snow in the New Year and get some snowshoeing in. Plus, I could get some fantastic Atlas/snow shots out of it. :)

[I am catching up on your journal and saw the link, but may have better luck keeping up with this, LOL.]