Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday evening's run felt great. I felt slightly overdressed on the way out, but when I turned around and headed back into the wind, I was glad I had worn the warmer jacket. The run was unfortunately shortened as I came across an old man who had fallen. He didn't have his full faculties and I'm sure the shock of the fall didn't help. He wasn't sure where he lived, though he knew it was at "an old people's home". We were only a few blocks from the hospital so I convinced him to walk down there with me, as he had quite a bit of blood coming from his mouth due to the fall. Eventually we met his friend whom he had set out to meet, and the friend took over. I was still a mile from home and ran straight home as I knew Graeme would be wondering where I was if I stayed out much longer. Still the run itself was good at 6.65 mi or 10.65 km.

I ran again this morning in order to beat the snow. It was probably some of the coldest rain I have run in. Just above freezing and driving rain. 3.5 mi/5.6km was all I had in me. Just as I was getting home, it started to turn to snow. It snowed for a few hours and is now back to rain. But I am pretty sure we haven't seen the end of the snow for today.

I'm not sure what it was about the runs, but my calves are really really sore now. I'm hoping it will dissipate and not require treatment. I wish I had my "R&R" socks to put on over my nylons. I've had these ones for a few weeks and really like putting them on after a run.

I'd likely get a few funny looks from coworkers though.

I am headed to an Atlas Snowshoe and Smartwool sample sale after work. I hope they have some good stuff.

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